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Duke Freshman Belle Knox Does Porn

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A freshman at Duke University named Belle Knox has caused shockwaves by being exposed as a pornstar! Even though Belle Knox is still a petite teen she jumps right into the porn industry doing a scene with Teen Love Huge Cocks where she reveals that she is a size queen and takes on a massive dick in her tight collegiate pussy!

Hipster Sorority Girl Does Big Dick Initiation

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This college hipster girl is part of a sorority that requires her to take a big dick in her teen pussy as part of the initiation! She is shocked at the size of it but soon her pussy is ritually stretched out and she can join her sorority sisters!

Bored College Girls Play Strip Poker in Dorm

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When there is no party going on what is it that bored and horny college girls do for fun…Strip Poker! See these hot, young College hotties get into a game of sexy Strip Poker where they all end up getting anked anyway, even the winners!

Sorority Sisters Makeout, Lick Pussy and Blow Guys

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These girls are Sorority sisters and they do everything together and that includes blowing guys! Watch them no just kiss, but fully makeout and lick each other’s pussy before giving a guy from their college a blowjob at the same time as an initiation!

Teen Asian Girl Goes Wild at College Dorm

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This is not what this Asian girl’s parents were expecting their teen girl to do when she went away to college on a scholarship! This chick is showing her tits at a dorm party and it gets posted on the internet by the white dudes banging her while she is rolling on pill! The white girls in her dorm just cheer her on to act more like a slut!

Three Sorority Sisters Feeling Horny and Eat Pussy

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These three college freshman sluts want to join a Sorority that will remain unnamed and as part of the initation they must go through a “slut test” which means they have to prove their love for sex by eating the pussy of her Sorority sister while taking the dick of some random dude from the dorms!

Two Slutty College Girls With Tongue Rings

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These two slutty college girls are BFFs and they both went and got tongue piercings together and are showing them off in the pic! These girls want to see if their new tongue rings make them better at sucking cock so they call over a college guy and get drunk before trying out their new cock sucking accessory!

Drunk Sorority Girls Lick Pussy in Dorm

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These sorority girls turn into real sluts when then are drunk and you can see that they get really horny and when there are no guys around they lick each other’s pussy! They will start with one or two drinks in their College dorm room, then they start taking pics of their tits and ass and send them to people at their College. Next they start kissing each other and before you know it there is a pussy eating session going right there in the dorm!